It’s been quite some time-
plenty of news.

1) HORIZONS ENSEMBLE featuring John Taylor & Ernst Reijseger
Advance copies of my (newish) CD, HORIZONS ENSEMBLE, with John Taylor, Ernst Reijseger, Nathalie Bonin & Parmela Attariwala are now available exclusively through my website (via Paypal):

2) the MOVE
Am relocating to New York City for the upcoming year.
Wow – nothing in life prepares you for apartment hunting in NYC 😉
But did find a great pad in Brooklyn. I’ll be back and forth for the first while, keeping my cel# in Toronto, but drop me a line if you’re in NYC!

3) w/ Michael Bates’ Outside Sources Upcoming tour with Michael Bates’ Outside Sources. Imminent release of the new record, to be released on Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf record label.
www.outsidesources.org for tour details and updates on that new record.

4) 5 New Dreams w/ Bruno Tocanne
Wrote four compositions for a really fun project of four horns & drums –
upcoming release with French drummer Bruno Tocanne
Some sound samples:

5) Site Updates
Thanks to Joe Lagan for some long overdue enhancements to www.quinsin.com –
A Calendar, easier access to the Store, better streaming and a News section!

See you out there!


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