Pyramid Project

Quinsin Nachoff – tenor sax, compositions
2 Trumpets – have included Ralph Alessi, Jonathan Finlayson, Tim Hagans, Nadje Noordhuis, Shane Endsley
French Horn – John Clark
Trombone – Ryan Keberle
Tuba – Marcus Rojas
Drums – have included Jim Black, Mark Ferber, Jeff Davis

Nachoff’s music is equally grounded in jazz and contemporary classical and this project explores this intersection in a highly individual way. A series of compositions for a five-piece all-brass ensemble are driven by Jim Black’s powerfully polyrhythmic jazz-rock drumming while Nachoff’s own distinctive voice on tenor sax sails above. By turns quizzical, introverted, textural, and dynamically funky in the best street brass tradition, this is a truly idiosyncratic blend of genres that shapes a cohesive whole. The power, dynamism and playfulness of the band shine out in live performance: launched with a series of shows at Brooklyn’s Seeds!, IBeam and Cornelia Street Café, with a line-up of Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), John Clark (French Horn), Ryan Keberle (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Jim Black (drums), the band has continued to develop, with Tim Hagans & Nadje Noordhuis joining on trumpets for a gig at Hunter College NYC.

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