Flux (2016)

David Binney – alto sax
Quinsin Nachoff – tenor sax, compositions
Matt Mitchell – piano, fender rhodes, organ, wurlitzer, moog synth
Kenny Wollesen – drums, percussion

David Binney’s alto sax joins Nachoff’s distinctive tenor in a set of original compositions that draws on sounds and influences from the 1970’s filtered through a 21st century lens. Matt Mitchell provides piano, fender rhodes, organ, wurlitzer, moog synth and Kenny Wollesen on drums and percussion round out the unit that tackles the challenges of Nachoff’s playfully intense arrangements with ample space for individual improvisation.

"[Nachoff]'s playing was a revelation. Parsing shimmers of Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter and Mark Turner, he constructed an amalgam of classical counterpoint and rugged expressionistic improv..."

Michael Jackson


"...an intensity and modernity, a brashness and in-your-face confidence of delivery"


Dan McClenaghan


"...breathtakingly inventive as group members and as individual players."

Donald Elfman

New York City Jazz Record

"The quartet's self-command is engaged in a battle with each individual player's sense of freedom, making for that agitation that marks all great music."


Mark Corroto


"...the juxtaposition of the comparatively deliberate 'Astral Echo Poem' and the whirling maelstrom that is the concluding "Tilted' demonstrates the combo's thrillingly wide range."

Michael Roberts


Critic's Pick
"Marked by an impenetrable unity, 'Flux' overflows with great resourcefulness, becoming a distinct echo of modernity and inspiration."


"The initial perplexity of listening gives way to curiosity, fascination and endorsement."


David Cristol

Jazz Magazine (France)

"...the quartet projects a cunning musical personality as large and small surprises trickle through the seams on a recurring basis..."


Glenn Astarita


"...a memorable evening. The thought provoking concert with its fervent delivery echoed in listeners' memory long after the evening concluded."

Hrayr Attarian


"Flux is uncompromising ...but entirely gettable too, with grooves that set heads bobbing and absorbing solos than can set fists pumping."

Peter Hum

Ottawa Citizen

"...alive with subtle underpinnings and a sometimes jarring surface, all of it brilliantly executed, interpreted and extended by his current quartet of prominent New Yorkers."

Stuart Broomer


"The overall feel is strong forward movement: rhythmic variety and always with sensitivity to the composition and each other."

Keith Black

Winnipeg Free Press


Select Scores from Debut and Path of Totality


From Path of Totality:
Path of Totality
Orbital Resonances

From Debut:
Complimentary Opposites
Mind’s Ear II

Recorded and released on Path of Totality (Whirlwind Recordings, 2019) by David Binney, alto saxophone, Quinsin Nachoff, tenor saxophone, Matt Mitchell, keyboards, Kenny Wollesen and Nate Wood, drums.
See album for additional personnel.

Recorded and released on Flux (Musictronic Productions, 2016) by David Binney, alto saxophone, Quinsin Nachoff, tenor saxophone, Matt Mitchell, keyboards, Kenny Wollesen and Nate Wood, drums.

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