Stars and Constellations (2023)

Quinsin Nachoff – Tenor Saxophone
Mark Helias – Acoustic Bass
Dan Weiss – Drums

Bergamot Quartet
Ledah Finck – Violin I
Sarah Thomas – Violin II
Amy Huimei Tan – Viola
Irène Han – Cello

The Rhythm Method, additional contributors on Pendulum
Josh Henderson – Violin I
Erica Dicker – Violin II
Leah Asher – Viola
Meaghan Burke – Cello

Matt Holman – Conductor

“Stars and Constellations” features Nachoff on tenor sax with bassist Mark Helias and drummer Dan Weiss, alongside the Bergamot Quartet and The Rhythm Method string quartets. This album showcases a seamless integration of jazz and classical players, blurring the boundaries between genres. Inspired by mythology and the cosmos, Nachoff’s compositions explore the interconnectedness of opposites, bridging the gaps between extremes. The album reflects his lifelong interest in science, drawing on collaborations with physicist Dr. Stephen Morris, and takes the listener on a compellingly unconventional musical journey. “Stars and Constellations” demonstrates Nachoff’s ongoing pursuit of innovative musical exploration, cementing his position as a fearless and forward-thinking artist.

Commissioned Short Films

Film by Jules Roze

Stars and Constellations: Sagittarius
Film by Alex Van Gils

Stars and Constellations: Scorpio
Film by Lara Lewison

Liner Notes by Michael Ullman


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