Ethereal Trio (2018)

Quinsin Nachoff – tenor sax
Mark Helias – bass
Dan Weiss – drums

This album reunites Nachoff with bassist Mark Helias and brings in drummer Dan Weiss for a series of scintillating three-way conversations which blend through-composition and improvisation with each piece having its own plot and internal logic. Recorded in a single session, the album gives the musicians the freedom to explore the characteristically ambitious compositions to the limits.

"...perfect balance between Nachoff's wistful tenor and Mark Helias' rich, resonant pizzicato bass, adorned by Dan Weiss' unobtrusive yet apposite drumming."


Roger Farbey


"All three musicians revel in each other’s company. The saxophonist [Nachoff] is a fearless explorer of contemporary jazz expression... An album well worth investigating."


UK Vibe

“This recording stands out from a crowded field by virtue of the exceptional skill of the players... Ambitious but rewarding music.”

Jazz Views

"Improvisational masterworks... Impeccable but not pristine... Highly recommended.”


Mark Corroto


"The instrumental mastery of all three players is beyond doubt."

Jazzwise Magazine

“Sophisticated structures framed in original and innovative thematic improvisations.”
 << Recommended >>

Jazz Poland

"The interplay​ - ​sometimes solo, other times in duo—is simply astonishing.​"​

Art Music Lounge

"You really get to know what these guys are about straight out of the gate, as the album-opening 'Clairvoyant Jest' struts and capers, stops and starts so everybody gets a moment (or three or four) in the spotlight, and generally lets you know that for the next 43 minutes, attention must be paid."


"A joy to listen to."

Step Tempest

“Their notes melt together, like a constellation of beauty.”

Musical Memoirs

“Divine orchestrations further enhanced by a sparkling energy... An exciting project.”

Radio REC

"Forward thinking... This music will live forever."

Midwest Record

"The six compositions are trim and varied, with Nachoff sounding terrific throughout."

The Vinyl District

"Jazz and contemporary classical music converge in a very personal way."

El Intruso

"The trio is loose without being casual, at once taut and free, and the consistent quality of detailed interplay and invention brings Nachoff's forceful, inventive tenor playing to the fore. It may be his most satisfying recording to date."

The WholeNote

"A record that is prepared to dwell in the infinite possibilities of the light, the airy and the tenuous... An exploration of instrumental combinations from which exquisite flashes of colour often emerge."


"Stands out as a must-hear!"

​Gapplegate Contemporary Music

“Tightly controlled, perfectly balanced, ingenious and seductive.”

Citizen Jazz

“Compositions that flirt with the contemporary… Complex yet simple at the same time.”

Culture Jazz

“Quinsin Nachoff, skilfully explores chances and risks in this all-encompassing approach to musical concepts.”

Concerto Magazine

Ethereal Trio

Complete Scores


Clairvoyant Jest
Imagination Reconstruction
 Subliminal Circularity
Push-Pull Topology
Portrait in Sepia Tones

Recorded and released on Ethereal Trio (Whirlwind Recordings, 2017) by Quinsin Nachoff, saxophone, Mark Helias, bass, and Dan Weiss, drums

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