Ethereal Trio

Complete Scores


Clairvoyant Jest
Imagination Reconstruction
 Subliminal Circularity
Push-Pull Topology
Portrait in Sepia Tones

Recorded and released on Ethereal Trio (Whirlwind Recordings, 2017) by Quinsin Nachoff, saxophone, Mark Helias, bass, and Dan Weiss, drums

Ethereal Trio (2018)

Quinsin Nachoff – tenor sax
Mark Helias – bass
Dan Weiss – drums

This album reunites Nachoff with bassist Mark Helias and brings in drummer Dan Weiss for a series of scintillating three-way conversations which blend through-composition and improvisation with each piece having its own plot and internal logic. Recorded in a single session, the album gives the musicians the freedom to explore the characteristically ambitious compositions to the limits.

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