A New Year, a New Decade

As we welcome in a new decade, thank you to the critics that have included ‘Path of Totality’ in their yearend lists!
Gratitude to the musicians (David Binney, Matt Mitchell, Kenny Wollesen and Nate Wood) and to everyone involved in this album and mini-film series!

Happy New Year!

J.D. Considine, DownBeat Magazine
2019: The Year’s Top-Rated Albums (under 4.5 Star Albums)
Review from Feb 2019

Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen
Top of the lists of both Best of Canadian Jazz 2019 and Top Jazz Albums of 2019 (worldwide)
“…saxophonist and bracing composer Quinsin Nachoff, whose mind-expanding double album tops my list, thanks to its broad range of stimulations and the intense and creative contributions of saxophonist David Binney and Nachoff himself, keyboard wizard Matt Mitchell and drummers Kenny Wollesen and Nate Wood.”

Dave Sumner, Bandcamp
The Best Jazz Albums of 2019
“All kinds of albums are inspired by all kinds of events, but rarely do they translate so vividly to the final recording as they did on the 2019 release from Quinsin Nachoff. Inspired by a total solar eclipse, the saxophonist fills his compositions with the grandeur and wonder associated with celestial events, giving the music the dual qualities of a hyper-focused sprawling majesty. It’s as if he’s trying to take in the vastness of it all while drilling down on each tiny detail. It’s an outstanding work in its totality, and fascinating in each individual moment.”

Keith Black, Winnipeg Free Press
Canadian albums of the decade
“Canadian saxophonist’s album here gets better and more complex with each listen; jazz to satisfy the fussiest fan.”

Steve Provizer, Arts Fuse
Best Jazz Recordings 2019
“A recording of distinction, with a wide musical palette, put together with great attention to form and detail and performed with tremendous skill.”

Robert Iannapollo, Cadence Magazine, Top Ten Recordings 2019

Tom Hull, Top Ten Recordings of 2019

‘Path of Totality’ is out on Whirlwind Recordings!
Available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes

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