Patterns in Nature

Nachoff has always loved film and animation: his compositions are very expansive and cinematic in scope and lend themselves well to a creative visual: for his Juno-nominated album Path Of Totality he commissioned six film-makers to create six original short movies inspired by the music. This fruitful collaborative experience inspired Nachoff to develop Patterns In Nature: an ambitious multi-media project, again combining science, film and music. The development stage will see Nachoff collaborate with Dr. Morris, filmmakers, and musicians, all using each others’ work-in-progress as inspiration. Dr. Morris will construct new physical experiments specifically for this project that will provide source materials that can be incorporated into the composition and filmmaking process. Each piece will feature a different filmmaker and a different core improviser from within the ensemble, creating a body of work that is strongly differentiated but with a powerful unifying concept. With an instrumental palette that blends a modern chamber orchestra with unique improvisers, and the powerful visual statements from the bespoke video content creations of Nachoff’s chosen film collaborators Lee Hutzulak, Gita Blak and Udo Prinsen, the result will be a unique and unforgettable immersive experience.

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